MAN OF THE MATCH® and PLAYER OF THE MATCH®. We’re a new sports brand that is changing the game, powered by Purpose and Community.

Do you love football? We do too! And that’s why we created PLAYER OF THE MATCH®, the first-ever official awards in football to be a purpose-driven Digital Collectables project supporting equality, diversity and inclusion.

Each award is unique, just like each match is unique. You can own a piece of history for each match, and pay it forward simultaneously with every Digital Collectable award traded going towards making a positive impact in the football world, supporting Common Goal. It doesn’t get much better than that!

  • Official PLAYER OF THE MATCH® Digital Collectable Awards.

  • Premier League, Women’s Super League, and World Cup Official PLAYER OF THE MATCH® Collections

  • Official Collections on OpenSea.  Click the button below to see our #WorldCup2022 Collection…

Leading the next generation of sports brand marketing and IP ownership companies, we fuse the digital and physical worlds together to create innovative, creative, and ambitious products and services.

Our goal is to be the world's most innovative, collaborative, and purpose-driven sports entertainment brand.

We are obsessed with building a sporting culture of diversity and inclusion, where all performance achievements are celebrated and valued equally.

We don’t just work with partners that align and share our values – they are the foundation of every decision. We make sure all actions have a lasting effect so you can feel confident in your investment with us

We feel it’s not enough to be well-aligned; there must also exist shared intentions between parties involved for any collaboration or partnership arrangement along these lines. In fact, such partnerships require more than fair play: They demand responsibility on behalf of each party towards ones own self as well other stakeholders outside their immediate circle including customers who rely upon them positively.

You can expect us to act fairly, responsibly and with purpose. We make all of our decisions for the long term so that you’re always satisfied – not just now but in later years as well!


That's our Brand Promise.

Our products and services are designed to connect people with sports in a meaningful way. Whether you’re a fan, an athlete or just like to watch games on TV, we have something for you. Our goal is to make sport more inclusive and accessible for everyone.





We are delighted to have strategic shareholders and partners, with expertise across sport, licensing, player and talent management, media, branding, creative, fashion, culture, tech, blockchain, impact and purpose.

Want to become a partner? Let us know and we would love to discuss licensing partnership opportunities together, aligned to our mission.

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